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 David Parker for State Representative - 115th Legislative District
House Republicans Discuss State Budget Address
Gov. Tom Wolf proposes a new spending plan for the 2016-17 fiscal year.

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Editorial: Rep. Parker advocates for women.
State Rep. David Parker, R-176, is emerging as a strong advocate in Harrisburg for mothers and families. Last week Parker vocally objected to a measure introduced in the state House that would have required breastfeeding mothers to get a certified letter from a doctor in order to be excused from jury duty in Pennsylvania. That language has now been struck from the amendment.  

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Parker Amendments to Fix School Funding - State representative calls for faster transition to equity.
Rep. David Parker (R-Monroe) has introduced a series of amendments to House Bill 1460 that are designed to transition the state's current basic education funding to a new formula recommended by the Basic Education Funding Commission. 

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Some PA school districts missing out on $1 billion in state aid.

Pennsylvania’s imperfect education funding system has shorted some school districts more than $1 billion, one lawmaker says.
Rep. David Parker (R-Monroe) is calling for the immediate elimination of “hold harmless” education funding that unevenly distributes state funds to Pennsylvania school districts.
The state, says Rep. David Parker, R-Monroe, has underfunded 180 districts because of a controversial “hold harmless” funding formula, which maintains school districts are guaranteed to receive no less state funding than the year before. 

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OPED: Stop crying Wolf

"Recently, my colleague from Philadelphia, state Sen. Art Haywood, joined Gov. Tom Wolf in his opinion piece calling for “Restoring Education Cuts First” before applying the new education funding formula unanimously recommended last year by a vote of the bipartisan Basic Education Funding (BEF) Commission – a vote which included three “yes” votes by Gov. Wolf’s own cabinet members.

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"My suggestion for improving the administration of legislative offices would be to create more compact legislative districts that better align school districts and municipalities resulting in greater focus and common interests. "

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State Representative Candidate Debate
East Stroudsburg University
Stroud Hall Room 113
Wednesday 10/24/2018
7:30 PM

Join David Parker and his opponent as they debate the issues facing the Commonwealth and the 115th District